30 Best Balayage Haircuts 2020 – New Balayage Hair Color


Balayage is popular every year. However, the colors and the harmony and contrast of the colors can be changeable. In 30 best Balayage Haircuts 2020, your face types are important while in new balayage hair color, your skin color is important. We are trying to obtain a well balanced-contrast with balayage.

Layered Hair in Diamond Color with Gray

Layered hair cut is one of the best haircuts of 30 best balayage haircuts 2020. When you have your hair layered, the colors will be shining and appearing more brightly. Their clearness is raising with this haircut. The harmony between gray and diamond yellow shows this hair best.


Red with Black in Shoulder-Length Bob Haircuts

The contrast between red and black serve best mostly black women. To give this balayage more style, you can shape your hair according to this balayage as well. Red with black is one of the new balayage hair colors. If you have your hair cut a little layered from chin to shoulder, the hairstyle would be more open to show off.

Chocolate and Caramel with Brown

The shades of chocolate and caramel colors are appropriate for any skin color. These colors can show harmony with light or even dark brown. If you have a light skin color, you can combine chocolate or caramel colors with some shades of brown that is close to the yellow. Chocolate and caramel are so common among new balayage hair color.


Honey with Yellow: Combination of Yellows in Balayage

If you are into light colors, this balayage type is for you. It is a combination of two shades of yellow. The color of honey combining with light yellow should enlighten and brighten your skin. These shadows are special since they can show up in every best balayage haircuts of 2020. The new balayage hair color also offers the shadows of gray to this harmony. It removes the barriers of restrictions in balayage.


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