30 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair – Straight Hairstyles


Long hairs are too hard to handle. They need so much cure. Even though it is easy to find a lot of hairstyles for long hairs, it is sometimes hard to apply them. It is better if you adopt some favorite hairstyles for them. You can adopt them considering your hair type and face type. Straight hairstyles are the easiest for 30 easy hairstyles for long hair.

Half Top Knot

Half top knots are so popular in recent years. You can tie your hair up as a little bun on the top of your head. In this way, the rest of your hair will show the beauty of straight hairstyles. For a more marginal idea of top know, before shaping the top know, you do two braids in front of your head. Then, join these two braids to your top know. If you are not a braid-person, you can use some twists in the way forming the top knot.


Layered Hair for Dense Hair

To show straight hairstyles best, it is better to have the hair cut layer. Layered hair will make your job easier while doing 30 easy hairstyles for long hair. To this layered hair, you can join some long bangs as well. Besides, layered hair might help your hair to look more dense and strong, which is the desire of almost all women.

Balayage Color for Straight Hairstyles

If you are fond of straight hairstyles, you should definitely consider highlighting the hair. You can take advantage of the new modern contrast colors like gray and black. Additionally, if you have your hair cut layered, any type of balayage will fit better in your hair in 30 easy hairstyles for long hair. For lighter skin colors, you can adopt gray and black, or gray with bronze yellow. The harmony and shades will easily and clearly show off themselves in straight hairstyles. Another attractive Balayage combinations might be red and black; Caramel and chocolate; honey and light yellow.


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