30 Most Popular Crochet Box Braids Hairstyles for Black Women


It is obvious that crochet box braids most fit for black women. However, it is a casual trend for anyone. It is better to give different shapes to those crazy trendy crochet box braids. Leaving them as they are might seem a little boring. It would be good to color them or form in different ways to show the beauty of your face. Here are the 30 most popular crochet box braids hairstyles for black women.

Half Bun Ponies Featuring the Eyes

Have you ever tried half-bun ponies with crochet box braids? Half bun ponies help you to tie some of your hair up (just the ones at the top of your head) by letting the other part wawing and balancing. In this way, it is easier to handle crochet box braids than having them wawing. These 30 most popular crochet box braids hairstyles for black women are practical and chic.


String Colorful Beads to Give Spirit

It may seem that crochet box braids have not a lot of different ideas and shapes to evoke the hairs. However, by stringing colorful beads to your hair, you can obtain a great change. Instead of colorful beads, colorful baby pins, or hairgrips. They are also great ideas to give the spirit to the hair. If you want, you can string all of your hair or just a few of them that are in front of your head.

The Ponytail on top of the Head

Ponytail ideas are ones that seem easiest and best. By tying your hair up on the top of your head, you can also twist a few of your hair around that ponytail to get a perfect vision. You may prefer the ponytail at the bottom of your head to give the casual and sports image of yours. The best part of the ponytails is that it brings your face into the front. Therefore, you can do any kind of makeup with these ponytails. You can obtain a diversity of this ponytail hairstyle as the most popular crochet box braids hairstyles for black women.


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