40+ New Modern Hair Color – Pixie And Bob Short Haircuts For 2019

Here are presented 40 new modern hair colors complying with Pixie and Bob Short Haircuts for 2019. Pixie and bob short haircuts are currently the most trendy and popular styles that everyone looks for. It gives a fresh and stylish look. Additionally, you will show your courage with these short haircuts. However, it is important to evoke and enlighten these beautiful short haircuts with modern hair color.

Catching the Appealing Contrasts with modern hair color

In the new modern hair color, it is now old-fashioned to use only one color. Using one color would make your hair lifeless and dead because even in your natural hair color, you do not have only one color. There are lighter ones due to the sun and season and the darker ones. While coloring your hair in a modern way, it is important to create contrasts and harmony between the colors. These contrarieties would be sharp if you want to put your attractiveness to the forward. It would be much lighter if you prefer to show your innocence and fresh beauty.


Modern Contrasts in Modern Haircuts

It is quite popular to use gray while creating new kinds of contrasts. Gray can be accompanied by any kind of color. You can use it with black, yellow, pink and white. It befits for any kind of skin color since there are thousands of shades of gray. The important thing is catching the correct shades within the only color.



How to Color Pixie and Bob Short Haircuts

Since the pixie and bob short haircuts for 2019 presents the stylish looks, it is easier to color them. You do not need to hesitate to apply any kind of color. They can accompany any color thanks to the style it gives. You can try pink with black; blue with dark blue; gray with black; purple with pink. If the gray is lighter, it can comply with yellow. You can apply different shades of yellow to your hair. The back of your hair would be darker while the front side lighter. These are the great new modern hair colors of pixie and bob short haircuts for 2019.


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