40 Popular Pixie And Bob Short Hair Styles for Summer

Summer is the great season that we lie on the beaches and sands. With the energy summer gives us, we feel more free and independent. However, within this great joy, something always prevents us from being free: our long hair. Even when we have cut our hair in the model of pixie and bob short hair, there will be some hardships to handle them. Here are the 40 popular pixie and bob short hairstyles for summer.

Bob Short Hairs with Long Bangs

In the summer, bob short hairs with long bangs will help you a lot since you can fix your long bangs with colorful hairgrips. Long bangs are easy to give a style. It is practical on hot summer days after getting out of the pool and the sea. You can draw a cute line on one side of your hair with those colorful hairgrips or bobby pins.


Edgy Pixie Hairstyle to Create a Messy Balance

Edgy pixie hairstyle can be accompanied with long bangs as well. While in hot summer days, it will give you relief, it will be easy to create a hairstyle. You can braid one side of your edgy pixie hairstyle to make both sides equal and make look chic. Braiding and twisting one side are some of the best options of 40 pixie and bob short hairstyles for summer.


Enlighten Your Short Hair with Scarfs, Headbands, and Hairbands

Your hair needs to be colored. In the monotonous of life, you forget to give them a crucial movement. For summers, after getting out of the sea, scarfs and headbands are great materials to help you shape your hair. With a scarf, if you want, you can cover all the hair inside it. You can give different styles as well. For instance, while covering your hair with a scarf, you can let your fringe and bang to leave out the scarf naively, which will increase your natural hot look. In the other kinds of headbands, you can shape them as they wish to hold your hair as seen in the 40 popular pixie and bob short hairstyles for summer.


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