Cool Short Haircuts for Boys – 15+


Trends are continuously changing for boys, too. The most important thing for them to show themselves off is their haircut styles. You can adopt their best haircut by trying and experiencing. You can also choose these haircuts according to your personality type, which is also crucial to show your inside perfect energy. Cool short haircuts for boys are essential to present the whole style of one’s.

Top Knot with Shaved Sides

It is the most popular one among cool short haircuts for boys. While you are neatly shaving the right and left side of the head, you will let your hair on the top grow up. When you tie the long hair, it gives attractiveness to your look. You can shape a little pretty ponytail or a bun. It is up to the length of the hair.


Undercut Hairstyles for Neat Hair

Undercut hairstyles are for the ones who love neat and tidy hair. This hair will not turn into a tousled mess. It will make your face shaper and stronger. It might have an effect on your look by turning into a more serious vision.

Buzzcut for Soldier Style

It is a hairstyle for brave boys who love free and soldier style. In this cool short haircut, you can show off your pretty face with great confidence. This is a trending haircut most celebrities use involving Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z.


Fringe Hairstyle

A fringe hairstyle is for science-fiction and fantasy lovers. You can use this hairstyle with a little mess. This is for a nice boyish image of you. This hairstyle is quite common among footballers and actors.

Slicked Back Hair

This hairstyle is also great to put the face front. It is a memorable style when considering cool short haircuts for boys. It will fit the oval-faced people best. With confidence, you can show off your handsome face with this hairstyle. To shape it daily, you may need hair gel.


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