Haircuts Short Back and Sides – 20+

As a trendy modern haircut style back and sides do really look like a haircut. Mostly, it reminds a classy hairstyle. You do not need to shorten your hair so much in this style. There are a lot of types of haircuts short back and sides. If you wish, you can keep it longer or shorter. If you like to renew and cure your hair, you may prefer the longer one.

The French Crop

The French crop is the shortest style of haircuts short back and sides. One of the advantages of this hairstyle is that you do not have to put your face to the front by always combing back. The French crop prefers to lie on your forehead. With short back and sides, you just need to manage with the wavies that fall on your forehead.


The Tight Quiff

The tight quiff is a great hairstyle for the ones having thin hairs. It will seem your hair thicker. Besides, since this hairstyle is not a quite short model, it will fit all face types. You can arrange it. If you prefer, you can make their shape triangle and vertical with a hair spray of gel; if you want you can leave them to wave by combing them on the back. You can adapt the hairstyle that fits you best with this tight quiff.

The Messy Undone Fauxhawk

As known, fauxhawk is originally a very old-fashioned haircut style dated in the 80s. In this old-fashioned model, fauxhawk could be handled with a hair spray by making them quite upright and vertical on the front of the head. If you wish, this can be still preferable with little changes like shaped designs on the sides. However, if your face type is oval and long, this might seem your face longer than it is. In the messy undone fauxhawk, you keep the original haircuts short back and sides of fauxhawk but leaving the hair on more flat-like.


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