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How to Achieve a Rich Brown Shade For Brown Hair *New 2021

Brown hair is often used a lot.Mahogany hair comes from Africa, Indonesia and Peru. It has a unique grain pattern that is visible when the cuticle of a tree is peeled. This wood is known to be one of the hardest in the world and it is also strong enough to resist the dyes used for coloring hair. The coloring process is not difficult, as most of these woods have already been chemically treated with coloring agents. However, a professional would be necessary to dye the mahogany without damaging it. Once the coloring process is done, a beautiful natural golden brown shade is achieved.

There are several shades to choose from. These colors include mahogany blonde, mahogany bronze, deep mahogany brown, dark mahogany brown and a few lighter hues. Dark brown and black shades are available as well. Most of these colors are suitable for coloring hair but if you wish to change your look completely, you can opt for a different hue. These darker shades will enhance your beauty and present a dramatic change to your overall appearance.

For the past decades, the bright-colored mahogany hair is often used to impart shades such as violet, blue, and green. Those who have dyed their hair with dark shades of these colors will often have trouble keeping the color after the treatment. You may also experience scalp irritation and breaking of the pigment. These problems will disappear with continued use of acid-free shampoo and conditioner. However, if you wish to go for these brighter hues, it is important that you maintain your mahogany hair by avoiding exposure to the sun.

A person who wants to dye his/her hair with dark brown mahogany will need to start with a good base. In the case of artificial coloring, the base must be made from 100% natural waxes and oils. Natural wax is better because it has the ability to seal in moisture. An oil base tends to allow the dye to bleed, thereby giving an uneven and streaked result. So, always use natural wax.

If you want a vibrant color, start by dying your natural brown hair with an acid-free dye and then adding a rich blonde base. The blonde base will give your hair a gorgeous, lustrous and glossy appearance. For best results, use a leave-in conditioner and lightly comb the hair. You can even brush your strands behind the ears to enhance the richness of the red mahogany hue.

Finally, to bring out the richness of the deep rich brown shade, finish your look with a nice set of jewels or semi-precious stones such as amethyst, black onyx and garnet. You can even go for metallic or silver hair colors. To make your dramatic color even more prominent, add a hint of blushing powder or rosy cheeks to your natural beauty. A good haircut and proper care of your hair are the secrets to a fantastic read mahogany shade that everyone will fall in love with!

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