Japanese Guy Haircuts – 35+


Japanese usually run the world when it comes to hairstyles, haircut models, and beauty. It is better to admit that they are so good at hairstyle models. They care about both simplicity and cuteness. They expect their style to look more on nature as much as possible. Japanese guy haircuts both show the natural haircuts and appealing ones.

Disconnected Part with Shaved Sides

To gain a cooler image, you can try the disconnected part on the top. All men cannot try this style. It is one of the most unique ones of Japanese guy haircuts. If your hair is straight, you can just comb your hair to your foreground or the sides. You can create different styles by shaving the sides in different original shapes or even just a scratch.


Long Waves on One Side

It is one of the most charismatic styles of youth. You let the hair on the top grow. Then you apart from it on one side. It is another kind of side parting. However, in this type, there will be long waves that you can constantly hold and fix it. If your hair is straight, you can give a style to make it wavier. You can use a hair gel after a shower. This haircut will be perfect for oval faces. Besides, if you have a round face with fat cheeks, with this haircut, you can make your face look thinner and oval-like face.

Textured Crop Top Fade

Crops are quite modern haircuts to implement in every year. Japanese guy haircuts do this style in a long way. However, it is best to keep them short. You let your hair remain as messy. It top fade styles bother you, it is possible to arrange it in low-fade styles as well. The essentials of the textured crop to leave it messy. Therefore, it is important to arrange the correct length since you will use it daily without any extra management.


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