Selena Gomez’s Short Hairstyles and Haircuts

Selena Gomez is a great singer and actress as known. She has tried almost any kinds of hairstyles and haircuts until now. She loves using short hairstyles as can be seen in Selena Gomez’s short hairstyles and haircuts for years. She has a round face and she tries each style in the best way. She can be an example of anyone with short hairstyles.

Asymmetric Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles

She is one of the celebrities who can handle asymmetric haircuts best. With asymmetric bob haircuts, she usually hides and covers her fat cheeks and round face. This hairstyle also guides the ones with round faces. It will hide one of your side creating a balance on your face. You can make this asymmetric difference on your face bigger or smaller. It is up to you. You can define it with your hairdresser. If you do not like big asymmetry, you can create a little asymmetry like Selena Gomez usually implements. She likes small asymmetric haircut.


Curly Sparkling Bob Haircut Evoking the Hairs

Selena Gomez loves curly living bob hairstyle. It is possible to see her in this hair type frequently. This curly hair adds more cuteness to her face. It is the most popular choice of Selena Gomez’s short hairstyles and haircuts. Such kind of hair types keeps the round face as it is. Either you can cover your cheeks or you can just keep them with curly and teased hair. Both of them can be applied with a curly bob haircut.



Cool Long Bangs with Tied up Hairs

As she tried any kind of hairstyles, she has long bangs as well. With long bangs, she usually ties her hairs up, which emphasizes her cute face. If you want to emphasize your face and show the style with long bangs, you can tie your hairs up. She loves tying the hairs up on the top of her head. Tying up the hair boosts one’s confidence and beauty. When you accompany it with long bangs, it will seem more chic and cool. You can straighten your bangs up or to make them seem more natural, you can use them in a wavy way as Selena Gomez does. Selena Gomez’s short hairstyles and haircuts help the sector of hairdressers to add a lot of varieties.


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