Short Haircuts for Boys – 20+


With changing trends, boys want to show off themselves. A thing that helps a boy to show himself is a perfect haircut. These haircuts should be chosen according to their face type. You can see examples of each of these short haircuts for boys on ınternet in celebrities. You can make a successful comparison.

Slick Back with Low Fade

This will help you to cover and hide your head and face if you want. Slick back with low fade, you can use it in daily life by just combing your hair back. This will fit best to square-faced boys. It also fits oval faces. You can use this haircut with a high fade and separating your hair on one side.


Textured Crop Top Fade

This is a great style for men having curly and wavy hair. This hairstyle fits all face types. You can try to give different shapes to your hair as well. If you try to make them wavy with a hair gel, it would reach its perfect shape and style. In short haircuts for boys, you can see the other types of crop haircuts.

Messi Haircut: Combing Over Short Sides

In this type, the hair can remain as long when compared to other types. The only thing you should do is to comb them on the short side by covering the short sides. If you want, you can shape the other sides of your head. However, this hair type prefers to keep its length in the mid-length.

Ivy League haircuts for a Classy Vision

Ivy league haircut is the most classic haircut for years. However, it never loses its perfect vision and image. In time, while most of the haircuts deceased, ivy league remains its reliable place in short haircuts for boys. In addition to its haircut style, the twisted wavy form it gives to the hair in front is essential for this haircut.


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