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Top 5 Tips For Laying Down a Fast Fashion Show in Your Big Blonde Hair *New 2021

With winter slowly creeping into the western hemisphere, it’s hard not to look all winter long like a seasoned veteran when it comes to styling your own hair in a unique way to create that unique fashion statement. One of the newest trends that have hit the fashion scene this season is that of the big blonde. Whether you’re simply transitioning from fall to winter or in fact just dying to drop the f-bomb, these fashionable hats will definitely make a statement at any given time and really keep you warm. If you were thinking that simply wearing a big black coat would get you through all the winter winds, think again. The winds are getting stronger and the sun is setting fast.

To combat the winter winds and give you that perfect big blonde hairstyle, it’s recommended that you bring your hair up into a more natural high ponytail to secure it. This is easily accomplished with a few simple tools and products that any hairstylist can easily lay down for you. Since the hair is mostly straight, this makes it very easy to just slide your head and braid the ends. For those that want a little more staying power, simply add a little bit of hairspray to your ends and secure it by braiding it in half at the bottom. To complete your look, a thin hair scarf, or headband, is definitely a must to round out the overall look. With this look, you’re really making a statement in the winter wind and to keep yourself safe from the harsh winter weather, make sure to wear your scarf to bed.

As mentioned, big blonde hair is extremely popular this winter. This is partly because this particular hair color is so soft and pretty to the eyes. It’s also a fantastic choice to wear for any season of the year. Make sure to take your winter hat and scarf with you to work, don’t leave it in the car because the extreme cold can really start to affect your vision. The last thing you want is to wake up on a cold morning and not be able to see your nails and hair.

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